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128x160 Nokia (5200, 6151): Ziddu
240x320 Nokia (6233, 6280): Ziddu

176x220 SE (k700i, k750i): Ziddu
240x320 SE (k800i, k850i): Ziddu

176x208 (Nokia N70/3250):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
176x208 (Nokia 6600):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
176x208 (Nokia 6680):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (Nokia N95; N82):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (Nokia N81):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
352x416 (Nokia):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
176x220 (SE W810i):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
176x220 (SE K750):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (SE K800):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
128x128 (SE K300):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
128x160 (SE K500):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (Nokia N73):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (Nokia N96):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (SE K850):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (SE W910i):EasyShare ; DepositFiles

128x128 (SE):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
128x160 (SE):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
176x220 (SE):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (SE):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
176x208 (Nokia):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
240x320 (Nokia):EasyShare ; DepositFiles

176x208 (Nokia s60v1):EasyShare ; DepositFiles
176x208 (Nokia s60v2):EasyShare
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